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White Snow Wax - Chalk Paint Wax

White Snow Wax - Chalk Paint Wax

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  • Our waxes are available in sizes of 4 and 8 oz. Don’t forget that is best to apply the natural wax before applying any darker wax. The dry time is from 1 to 7 days. Sand lightly or wipe with a clean cotton cloth to enable the wax to dry quicker and that process will leave a smoother effect.
  • The Canadian Waxes of Colorantic™

    The Canadian Waxes of Colorantic™ are available in 5 colours (Bee Natural, Grey Storm, White Snow, Brown Antique and the new Black Coal) in 2 different sizes (4 and 8 oz). We use natural quality products such as clear beeswax and natural oils. We add different pigments to create the colours.

    Waxes are basically made as a furniture protection coat, following the Colorantic™ chalk based paint’s application. The tinted waxes enable you to give your furniture new life by giving them a unique look! You can have, for example, a White Washed effect or Shabby-Chic look with the White Snow wax, an old rustic effect with the Antique brown wax and a grey washed barn style effect with the Grey Storm wax.

  • Colorantic Vintage Chalk Based Furniture and Home Decor Paint. Made in Canada.

    8 oz. size is stocked, other sizes order online only.



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