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Biodegradable Cellulose Filters for Linen Face Mask

Biodegradable Cellulose Filters for Linen Face Mask

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 Biodegradable Cellulose Filters

Pack of 10 Disposable Cellulose filters.

These disposable filters are inserted into the mask. Similar in appearance to paper towels but with completely different properties.
They are hand cut to fit the masks, and hand packed and sealed , not factory processed. Please note that measurements may vary slightly.
They filter .22 - .45 microns, the particle retention level can go down to .45 µm.

Cellulose is a natural fiber, synthetic fibers tend to be smooth and uniform, whereas natural fibers are rougher and more irregular. The irregularity of natural fibers make them better at capturing tiny particles.

Filters are made of high quality 3-layer fiber, 100% Eco-friendly, and after use the filter can be composted, they are completely biodegradable. 100% decomposition without further processing. The cellulose filter is also antibacterial, and hygroscopic.
Cellulose is an anti-static, hypoallergenic material that absorbs residual moisture and is breathable. Breathability is crucial when choosing face mask filters.
Before use, they can be infused with essential oils which have an antibacterial effect (tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil).

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