White Diffuser - Light Wood Grain

Diffuser - Light Wood Grain

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An Elegant style mini portable ultrasonic humidifier keeps your living space clean and properly moisturized.
Ultrasonic technology not only creates a soothing mist but also charges the mist negatively. This then combines with positive air particles to help take pollution particles and cold/flu germs out of the air for a cleaner environment. The auto shut-off feature will turn the device off when it runs out of water, so keep it on as long as you want.

– 150 mL Large Tank Capacity
– 3 Operation Modes (Continuous, 1/3/Continous)
– Intermittent operation Mode (20 Sec. Mist-On 20 Sec Mist-Off)
– Multicolored LED light with changing or fixed mode function
– Auto shutoff for safety