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Caribbean Sea Chalk Paint

Caribbean Sea Chalk Paint

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Colorantic Vintage Chalk Based Furniture and Home Decor Paint. Made in Canada.

8 oz. size is stocked, other sizes order online only.

Colorantic Chalk Based paint is best applied with one of our brushes. It dries quickly (in about 30-60 minutes)! The lovely creamy butter texture makes it easy to apply to furniture or whatever project you are painting. Once finished, you can leave your project as is or you can seal it with our mat topcoat or one of our waxes. It is recommended that you let the paint dry for 24 hours before adding either the topcoat or wax.


If you are painting a glass or glossy surface, using a foam brush or roller will give you better results. If you are unsure of the previous finish on your piece, it is recommended that you use our Spray Varnish & Paint remover (TSP-E). Spray all over the surface and leave it on for 30 minutes, before cleaning soapy water and a wet rag (we recommend wearing gloves, as you would using any chemical). Be sure to let it dry completely before applying the first coat of paint. If your project is unpainted (natural wood), you can apply the paint directly on it.


At Colorantic, we pride ourselves on giving you all the necessary tools and training to ensure that you will have a great painting experience using our High-Quality products. Please keep in mind that you cannot mix any OIL based paint or varnishes with our WATER based paints (Paint Chemistry 101).



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