Embracing Change: My Bittersweet Transition to Online-Only at Oak and Linen Home

Embracing Change: My Bittersweet Transition to Online-Only at Oak and Linen Home

Hello to all my wonderful readers,

Today, I find myself at a crossroads, both personally and professionally, with feelings that are a complex mix of nostalgia and excitement. As I announce the transition of Oak and Linen Home from our cherished physical store to an exclusively online presence, my heart is heavy yet hopeful.

For the past five years, our store has been more than just a business to me; it's been a dream turned into reality. The warmth of our store, the delightful interactions with each of you, and the tangible experience of home decor – these are things I've treasured deeply. The decision to move online wasn't easy, but it's a necessary step in our journey, driven by the evolving retail landscape and the desire to reach more of you in the comfort of your homes.

While the prospect of change can be daunting, I'm also filled with an undeniable excitement for what lies ahead. The digital world offers a canvas limitless in its possibilities. I see this as an opportunity to reinvent and reimagine the Oak and Linen Home experience, to connect with you in new and innovative ways.

As we close this chapter and step into a new realm, I want to express my profound gratitude to each of you. Your support, your smiles, and your stories have been the lifeblood of Oak and Linen Home. I am eager to continue our journey together online, where I promise to bring the same dedication and passion for beautiful, quality home decor.

Please stay tuned for updates, new features, and our continued journey on our blog and social media. I plan to have weekly facebook live calls in February, stay tuned…I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions as we transition. Your feedback is not just welcome – it's essential.

Here's to new beginnings, to growth, and to the beautiful unknown.

As I reflect on this transition, I'm reminded of the principles that have always guided us at Oak and Linen Home: quality, customer connection, and a passion for creating beautiful living spaces. These principles won't change, even though our platform will. In fact, I see our move to the digital space as a way to uphold these values even more strongly.

Our online store will not just be a place to shop; it will be a community. A place where we can share ideas, inspirations, and continue our journey in home decor together. I'm excited about the potential to incorporate technology in a way that enhances your shopping experience - through virtual showrooms, personalized recommendations, and interactive design tools.

I want to assure you that every step of this transition is being taken with you in mind. Your needs, your comfort, and your satisfaction are at the forefront of each decision. The charm and atmosphere you've loved in our physical store will be reflected in our online presence, just in a new, more accessible format.

As we prepare for our final days in the physical store, I invite you to join us in celebrating the memories we've created together. And as we step into the digital realm, I welcome you with open arms to continue making new memories with Oak and Linen Home.

Your unwavering loyalty and support have been the biggest blessing throughout this journey. I am eternally grateful and look forward to embracing this new chapter with you, with the same spirit of creativity, warmth, and dedication that you've always known.

Thank you for being a part of our Oak and Linen Home story. Here’s to the next chapter – may it be as enriching and fulfilling as the last.

See you online,


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