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Looking for an effortless way to elevate your interior decor game? Now, deck up your living space with our selection of some of the finest home decor products and accessories sourced from local artisans and unique sellers. Add a touch of classic French flair to your modern home with decor that ranges from candles and planters to framed prints and vintage style clocks. In fact, we sell some of the most gorgeous wall clocks in Ontario. In addition to that, we also offer other home decorating items such as dried floral wreaths and bouquets, drapes, door mats, fireplace screen, tablecloths, artificial flowers, flower pots, and papier-mâché artwork, among others.

Oak and Linen Home is a trusted name in home decorating and gifts, and we can assure you that as you browse through our extensive catalog of items, you will surely fall in love with every piece featured on it. Easy to match and pair with your existing decor and any accessory you may already own, we offer decor that is designed to be simple, minimal and truly elegant. Whether you want to add texture to your interiors or enhance the character of the space, at Oak and Linen Home, you will definitely find all that you need and much more.

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At Oak and Linen Home, we offer an array of options to decorate every room in your house, starting from your living room to your kitchen and bathroom! Style up your living room and bedroom with beautiful, plush decor such as throws and pillows that are made from the finest materials that will instantly add a sense of understated luxury to any room. Want to give your cooking space a makeover? Shop from our selection of kitchen decor such as cutlery prints, ceramic cheese boards, large fruits bowls, a pretty cuisine sign and dish clothes with gorgeous prints and patterns. Apart from that, you can also choose from an assortment of handmade candles to uplift your bath experience or to lend your home a soothing fragrance that impresses everyone who walks in.

Our homes are an extension of our personalities, and what better way to flaunt your unique personality and impeccable taste than with decor that is one-of-a-kind. We offer some of the best decor and home accessories in Ontario, and here, you will be able to find pieces that have a very distinct charm to them. Oak and Home Linen began as a way for our owner to express her passion for interior design, so every item that you find here has been meticulously chosen on the basis of her lifelong love and fascination for colors, textiles, patterns and all kinds of arts. Check out our online store to discover more, such as our home decorating services and many other products, including apparel.