Welcome to French Country LifeStyle, Our new Blog!

Welcome to French Country LifeStyle, Our new Blog!

Hello! And welcome!

I thought this blog would be a great way to keep in touch with you.

Lockdown has changed the way we live and has made it more difficult to connect with others. Maybe here we can talk about what we all love - Home Décor.

I've been obsessed with decorating since before I was ten years old. I never stop, when I walk into a new space all I can think of is,   what would I do here....

My whole life is about decorating and making things beautiful.

Speaking of which, in the next few weeks the shop will be going through some changes. We are not sure when we will be re-opening, but we will be ready!

We are also going to launch two new lines on the web store, I’m sooo excited!

One of them is the most gorgeous linen bedding ever! Belgian Linen Makers who carry the distinction “Masters of Linen”

I’ll tell you about the other new launch next week...

As you may know I lived 17 years in Europe, and there I developed my love of linen, antiques, and old world elegance. Nothing speaks more to be about that than French Country style decorating. I adore all things French and have made many contacts with French suppliers the last few months. So it will be no surprise to you that the blog will be called French Country LifeStyle.

Look forward to information and inspiration, every Friday, right here.

I hope you will join me,


french country home with blue shutters



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French country decorating is my passion. Don’t know why I wasn’t born French. So thrilled to find you right on my doorstep and look forward to visiting the shop and reading your blog.

Olivia Stock

In 2010 for my 50th birthday my S-I-L, Maria, along with our two daughters & two nieces spent a few days in Paris then headed for a vacation in the south of France. We morphed into different people. We felt like we were in a movie. The food, the wine, the weather, the fragrance, the rest, the markets … best “Bonne Fete

Carrie Abbott

French Country Style is elegant, relaxing and we are excited to see the new changes.

Mary Anne Simpson

Such gorgeous pictures, somehow they just exude elegance even the rustic scenes. Looking forward to learning more.


Sounds so interesting and I can hardly wait.
❤️ French Country!

Bonnie J McEachren

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